Aunie Hope {adoption}

This was the third adoption that I have had the privilege of photographing. Each time I get more comfortable shooting inside a courtroom. Sue has to be one of the most welcoming courthouse staff ever! Who knew going to court could be so much fun? This was a very special adoption. The emotion in the courtroom speaks for itself in these images. Ruthann’s life changed for the better it seemed in a matter of a blink of an eye. This little angel, Aunie Hope fell into Ruthann’s life and was welcomed with so much love and support. For not having any immediate family in Nome, Ruthann’s support system is unbelievable. All of the people in her life care this baby with such an unconditional love, it gives me goose bumps writing about it. And, only in Nome does the adoption court documents get hand delivered in a blizzard!!! Congratulations Ruthann, you make a wonderful mother and such an asset to our community. May your years be filled with lovely motherhood memories and plenty of little finger prints all around your house!

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