Simara {Newborn}

I had to go meet Ian and Nina’s newest little one, Simara. This wasn’t an official session, but how could I leave my camera at home? Baby Simara (Mara) reminds me so much of her big sister when she was born. Watching Svea with her new little sister was so special. She was so kind and careful and totally in love with her. Something tells me that Svea thinks she has a new little live doll to play with… she even had to put her baby doll in the baby swing. Nina, with two kids now, life gets put into fast forward. It flies by and you don’t think about it until years down the road and you look back at pictures. Keep them little for as long as you possibly can. Let those finger prints stay on your windows and the marker on the bath tub for just a little longer before you clean them off…. because when they are grown, they don’t seem to leave those cute little reminders around the house anymore. Congratulations on your newest addition to your family, she is beautiful.

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