Mr. & Mrs. Putman

Carl and Lyette… what can I say about the two of you, besides the fact that you both were made for each other! Lyette, you mine as well say he’s the cheese to your pilot bread or the moon in your sky. The chemistry between Carl and Lyette during there big day was contagious. For such a small and simple wedding, there was so much love and emotion. Tears, lots of tears. Tears of joy… and tears that felt bitter sweet. I say bitter sweet because Lyette’s father passed away this spring and couldn’t physically be there to walk her down the isle. But there is no doubt in this world that he was there in spirit. I am a firm believer that the innocence of a small child can sense a spirit. Carl and Lyette’s daughter, Piper (I LOVE that name) I believe knew that her papa was there. For literally over two minutes, she stood there pointing at his chair. Pointing at his picture… it truly was a special day. Thank you guys for having me capture your beautiful day.

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Keane & Rayna Moore {wedding}

This was the most adventurous wedding that I have ever photographed. Keane and Rayna said “I do” at her mother’s cabin which is up the Fish River from White Mountain… meaning a drive 73 miles to Council and then a nice little boat ride. The weather made me nervous as we drove out, only to see that the clouds parted just in time for the ceremony. Sorry it took so long to post these pictures, but they are absolutely beautiful and I am honored to have had been your photographer.

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Trevor & Becky {wedding}

First off, I am so sorry that I haven’t kept up on my website. Life got way too busy way too fast. This wedding is a very special one. I was so happy to photograph this wedding for my dear friends. Obviously, they had perfect weather for their big day. the set up was absolutely amazing and everyone had a blast. This wedding took place at Cottonwood last summer (July 2nd). Sorry for such a late post, but enjoy these moments!

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Ashley & Alex

Were do I begin… Ash came to Nome over a year ago and ever since her first haircut in my kitchen we basically have been attached at the hip. When she’s gone I feel like I’m missing a limb. Anywho, Alex was the reason she migrated up North after he snatched her up in a school bus. Yes… a school bus. This is a typical Morgan chariot and Ashley was hooked ever since lol. These two crazies are perfectly inperfect for eachother and they each want one thing… happiness. They find that their happy… is together šŸ™‚ We decided to get a little crazy and have fun with this shoot, so we brought some props. They really let their true selves shine! Happy Holidays and I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do.1 2 3 4 5 6 7Al

Mike & Lauren Robertson

Micheal “Mike” was just about the most enthusiastic, inquiring client. He shot me an email over a month ago to reserve a date and time for this surprise photo shoot with his wife, Lauren for their first wedding anniversary. He elaborated on hes previous surprise attempts that failed miserably (not putting pressure on me or anything :P). Anyway, anyone who has lived in Nome long enough knows our unpredictable weather… so sticking to a specific date and time for an outside photo session was iffy. The morning of the shoot came and I was doubtful due to snow flurries and a pretty good breeze. Needless to say, it calmed down enough and we were able to sneak in a cold, yet fun shoot during the few hours of daylight that we had! Thanks for contacting me to do your photos, we executed the surprise session. Congrats Lauren on your newly acquired PHD and may you two celebrate many more anniversaries!!! Ā 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

James and Erica

After several rescheduledĀ sessions, due to weather, slow melt, availability and the fact that we live in different places,Ā I was finally able to set aĀ date and time for this very special photo shoot. My dear friend Erica snagged the luckiest guy in the world, James. These newly engaged friends of mine were also very blessed with the pregnancy of their littleĀ guy cooking in the oven. This pregnancy is nothing short of a miracle.Ā Little baby Bolen will be the most spoiled baby in the world, I’m sure. Congratulations to both of you, I am trulyĀ honored to have done your photos. Love you guys :). Ā 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 11 10 9 13 12 14

Aunt Barb & Uncle Mike.

These two.. My aunt Barb and uncle Mike are very familiar with Nome and the surrounding area. See this place used to be my aunt Barb’s old stomping grounds with my mother. She’s here working for the summer and uncle Mike came up from work in Arizona to visit and fish! These two mean so much to me and I love them dearly.

Made in pairs, Mike and Marsha.

Mike and Marsha, now that just flows šŸ™‚ This has been a very long awaited photo shoot. We went through so many different ideas, but the beach and the dock just fit perfectly seeing as how this is practically their backyard. I have had the pleasure of working with both of these individuals and it has been a good one. God blessed us with this weather it seems just for this photo shoot. Enjoy your little preview Mike and Marsha, I had a blast!

Jake and Sarah Swann.

August 1st will mark the one year anniversary of the “I-do’s” for Jake and Sarah. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since they tied the knot. They came for a visit and despite the weather, we got some great shots šŸ™‚