Tundra Fire

This summe,r near Garfield Creek (North of Kougarok), a tundra fire sparked and claimed thousands of acres to torch. We took a ride up there a few weekends ago to see the damage. Even weeks after and days of rain, hot spots still smoldered. The one we came across was still smoking and we did our best to put it out with the little water we had. It was amazing to see how the fire transformed the once soggy tundra bed.

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Panoramic Nome

So I was looking at the odd clouds last night and I thought how cool it would be to make a panoramic shot of them. I feel like there is just way too much coolness in the sky to capture in one shot. The first image is my first attempt and I got to tell you, I am pretty happy with it. And then I created some more using older images I took. And if you “click” on the individual images, you can see them a little larger.