The Bakers {family}

Father’s Day weekend… John was surprised by he eldest, Kellen. Becka called me for a last minute session before he took off on the plane. It was “iffy” because the weather was being unpredictable, but it held up. These photos were taken at the Baker’s newly purchased cabin out a few miles out of town. I’m so glad these worked out, I hope you enjoy them.

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The Johnson’s {Family)

We had one day to do this photo shoot and up until right before, we didn’t know if the weather would allow it. Given the variables, we had a good session and the photos turned out great!

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Adoption Story

This being my second court hearing photo shoot, I am still new to photographing in challenging environments… like an old court room with not so ideal lighting. Anyways, this occasion is a special one. It’s an adoption. On this day, little Aliana legally and permanently sealed her bond with her new mother, Jessie. Several of her close friends and case workers were there to share it with them! God blessed us with perfect weather for this one day that this was going to happen. I had a blast with this session and witnessing this act of selflessness. Hope you enjoy motherhood as it makes you look at life much differently, much more meaningly. Congratulations on your precious little girl, Aliana. 

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Misty Reader {family}

So despite the fact that it was bitterly cold outside, and Misty’s kids weren’t typically thrilled about photos this day, I think just capturing real emotion is priceless. The stare of utterly despair and a crying little brother didn’t stop me from photographing this family. You guys were troopers during this shoot and I think these pictures turned out pretty darn cute.

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Kirsten and her little family

We were crunched for time and the weather growing colder. This day was the best day we had at the time for her little ones to take photos in. It was beautiful out, but bitter cold. It took a little bribing to get these little ones to sit still enough and half way look warm lol. Even though their expressions give away just how cold it was, sometimes these are the priceless photos. Smiling or not, your kids are beautiful Kirsten 😀

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Amy’s family

I haven’t seen Amy in years. As kids, we grew up together every summer out at Salmon Lake. I remember swimming in the creek, harassing seagulls and making forts with Amy and her sister. She is a few years older than me, so naturally as a kid, I thought Amy was the coolest and super pretty :P. She came home and brought a few of her prize possessions with her and asked me to do their family photos. Her little miss had her own agenda, but with the help of my assistant, Neva and some beads, we got the shots we wanted! Amy, you have a beautiful family and it was so fun for me to see you years later embracing motherhood. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

The Reader Family

This busy family… What can I say about them? They are all over the place, full of energy… and oh yeah, super hard to all get in one place at one time! Jennifer has wanted to do these family pictures for quite some time now, but between grown kids who don’t live here, the weather and Charlie’s busy work season, we were finally able to squeeze the session in! We were on the last few days of sunshine and Chelsea, her aunt and cousin were due to fly back to Anchorage. The session was quick, but a super fun one! I had some fun with the older siblings after Charlie rushed back to work for the evening. And the little ones… those two little girls keep Jennifer on her toes that’s for sure! Thanks for letting me snap some shots. You have a beautiful family and I hope you enjoy these silly moments!1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21

Sheri and her family

These people are pretty special to me. I have been good buds with Charlotte since she was 16, Chloe since she was 17 and all of the others along the way. I have been doing hair out of Sheri’s shop part time for the last three years as well.

It’s been a goal of Sheri’s to have some family photos taken for a while now. But trying to get everyone in one place at the same time isn’t easy, considering all of her grown children now live in Anchorage. There wasn’t a more perfect opportunity than Christmas!!! Charlotte and her fiance, Nick; Chloe and her boyfriend, Cody; and Cass all came home from Anchorage… we even managed to sneak Jimmy in a few shots before he ran off to his other relationship… his job! I was a little nervous snapping pics only because Sheri’s mother, Peggy has been a professional photographer for longer than I have been alive. But it was laid back and nice, Peggy and Grandpa Chuck kept my kiddos busy while I snapped away. It was super nice to see everyone back home and I’m glad, despite the frigid temps.. that we were able to do some family photos!
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James, Erica and Paxson

These people…. these people have a special place in my heart. Erica and I have gone through a lot together and leaned on each other for support. Through up’s and down’s and smiles and frowns, she has been there… even though she lives in Anchorage. She’s added to her family over the past year or so, which makes them my family too. James and Erica are relatively new to parenting and baby Paxson’s giving them a run for their money :P. He is a busy busy body. He’s got a smile that will light up a room and a grin that alerts you when he’s up to no good. I love little Paxson. Merry Christmas to you and your family and many many more to come!0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9