Photos by Taylor Renee Photography

Taylor and I finally made time to exchange photos from our family sessions (Taylor Renee Photography) earlier this fall. For the past ten years or so, I have been photographing other people and their loved ones. I literally feed off of their excitement and joy that these pictures bring them. Their positive praise always keeps me going, despite those few frustrating clients who have no idea what goes into capturing these precious moments.

This was the first time that I had ever had a professional photograph me and my family. It was exciting yet different. Took some adjusting to be in front of the lens rather than behind it.

When I first looked at these, I finally knew what it was like to feel like this while clicking through them. The smile I had on my face seemed almost permanent. I absolutely love them and now I know that every penny we charge for our packages… is totally worth it. Taylor, thank you so much for swapping family photos. I am so proud of you and how your talent has grown. I hope to get to do more swaps with you in the future! Note: These photos were taken by Taylor Renee Photography.

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Quiet Weekend

Just when I thought the forest floor was all rotten and asleep, I find a few subjects worthy of a photo. Also, I didn’t realize how cute my son is when he throws mini fits. During a quiet game of Yahtzee, Jase didn’t agree with his sister’s rules. He literally just melted in his seat without giving up the peanuts. His tantrum was short-lived πŸ™‚

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Taylor recently moved back home with her two little ones. I have been following Taylor’s photography for several years now, watching her grow and progress as a professional photographer. We decided to swap pics for pics. As a photographer, it isn’t often that either one of us is in front of the camera, so it was fun to get to photograph each other and our families πŸ™‚ I was able to get a few “behind the scene” pictures of her and my kids in action. She is so natural with her clients, it was really fun to watch. Also, her family being so photogenic, made my job easy. She is such a beautiful mother, these moments that I captured really tell her story. Thanks for taking the day to have a fun session with us and I hope you enjoy these!

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Ian & Nina

Gah, we got this photo shoot done just in time. I was under the impression that I had a few months before her due date, but that wasn’t the case. She has only about three more weeks to go. The weather was a bit of a challenge, but we were able to run from the rain. We found sweet little oasis’s fit perfect for some maternity photos. Also, I didn’t mind a bit of rain because I passed the time picking berries! Anyway, these photos turned out so amazing. You are so beautiful nina, even full term pregnant πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to meet the little miss!

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Jeremy & Becca

Let there be four! Jeremy and Becca’s daughter Karmin, was welcomed by her new baby sister, Jaiden. This little baby had sparkly blue eyes and was as content as ever. Karmin play read books to her sister so nicely while I just snapped away. We even got her to sit still long enough to get a few holding her new BFF. To see the compassion that Karmin has for Jaiden was absolutely beautiful. Jeremy and Becca, you have such a beautiful family in every way. Enjoy the sneak peek!

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Sheri & the Fam

This session was super special with super special people πŸ™‚ Charlotte (aka Lollie) flew in to town to surprise her mother for her birthday. Her accomplice, Chloe (aka her sister) devised a genius plan to get Sheri over to the house. I died laughing when I heard their plan… “Mom, you have to come home as soon as possible because someone brought you seal oil and it really, really stinks!” After a few more convincing words, Sheri came home to all of her children under her own roof again πŸ™‚ I had a blast running from the rain to snap these shots. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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The Bakers {family}

Father’s Day weekend… John was surprised by he eldest, Kellen. Becka called me for a last minute session before he took off on the plane. It was “iffy” because the weather was being unpredictable, but it held up. These photos were taken at the Baker’s newly purchased cabin out a few miles out of town. I’m so glad these worked out, I hope you enjoy them.

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The Johnson’s {Family)

We had one day to do this photo shoot and up until right before, we didn’t know if the weather would allow it. Given the variables, we had a good session and the photos turned out great!

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Adoption Story

This being my second court hearing photo shoot, I am still new to photographing in challenging environments… like an old court room with not so ideal lighting. Anyways, this occasion is a special one. It’s an adoption. On this day,Β little Aliana legally and permanently sealed her bond with her new mother, Jessie. Several of her close friends and case workers were there to share it with them! God blessed us with perfect weather for this one day that this was going to happen. I had a blast with this session and witnessing this act of selflessness. Hope you enjoy motherhood as it makes you look at life much differently, much more meaningly. Congratulations on your precious little girl, Aliana.Β 

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Misty Reader {family}

So despite the fact that it was bitterly cold outside, and Misty’s kids weren’t typically thrilled about photos this day, I think just capturing real emotion is priceless. The stare of utterly despair and a crying little brother didn’t stop me from photographing this family. You guys were troopers during this shoot and I think these pictures turned out pretty darn cute.

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