Taeler Brunette {Senior}

I can not believe how Taeler has grown into such a beautiful young lady. Her sister, Niaomi and I were in the 8th grade when she was born. As I was editing these photos, I swear I was looking at her sister Raenelle. Taeler Resembles her so much in a few of these photos. It’s hard to believe that you are finally a senior in high school. I am so pleased with how our session went and the final product. I can’t wait to see where life takes you after high school. Enjoy the pictures!

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Kevynn Cox {Senior}

I have know Kevynn ever since she was a small baby. She blossomed into such a beautiful young lady. She had some photos taken by another local photographer this summer, but wanted best of both seasons, thus a quick winter session with me :). Congratulations on your new chapter of life ahead of you!

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Rayne Lie {Senior}

Rayne is finally a senior. I did family photos for these guys I think when she was a freshman. She was beautiful back then and blossomed in to a gorgeous young lady now. The location and outfits Rayne had picked fit her free spirited personality perfect. I love how these pictures portrayed her as a person. Congratulations to becoming into your senior year of high school. Don’t wish for it to end so quick, because it does.

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Kailey Witrosky {Senior}

It took some patience and planning to make this photo shoot work so far out of town, but given amazing weather and a mother willing to take a little time off of work… we made it happen! Kailey had her heart set on her senior photos being taken along the Kougarok road and at the Kouzitrin Bridge (65 miles North of town). Kailey and her mom had so many ideas for this shoot and with the beautiful scenery and a beautiful model, these turned out so nice. Hope you enjoy. Congratulations on your upcoming senior year!1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14